Guiding the Golden Years: Helping Aging Parents Manage Their Finances

How to help the elderly in your life with financial planning, fraud prevention and more. “It’s a di cult conversation to have,” says Gary Wachs, vice president of Independent Branch Services Compliance at Schwab, “but our elderly clients and their children really need to understand all the nec- essary steps ahead of time, rather than a er the fact when they’re dealing with everything else.” Helping your parents get their nancial house in order—and keep it that way—can be an uncomfortable role reversal for both parties.

Traders Tell All: A Look at Three Traders' Daily Routines

While many investors prefer the relative ease of buying and holding securities for the long term, others have developed an appetite for more-active trading—a pursuit that can be as rewarding as it is risky. “The good news is that it’s possible to mitigate the downside,” says Kevin Horner, a senior manager with Schwab’s trading- education team, “but doing so consis- tently requires discipline and a plan.” Interviews with several Schwab clients who trade frequently bear that out.